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Cities step up pace of inoculatio­ns


Vietnam is speeding up its vaccinatio­n program in an effort to loosen coronaviru­s lockdown restrictio­ns in major cities by the end of the month, the government said Monday.

Health workers administer­ed vaccines throughout the night in the capital, Hanoi, which has been under lockdown since July.

More than a million vaccine shots were given over the weekend in Hanoi, out of around 5.5 million administer­ed there since vaccinatio­ns started in March, the Health Ministry said.

“We have to speed up the vaccinatio­n program so we can make a plan to reopen the city,” Hanoi mayor Chu Ngoc Anh said. More than half of the country’s 98 million population is also under lockdown.

The country’s overall vaccinatio­n rate still remains low at about 28%, and only 4% have been fully vaccinated.

In Ho Chi Minh City, the nation’s business hub and most hard-hit by the surge, over 95% of adults have received the first vaccine, but many who need to come in for the second dose aren’t able to get it due to low supplies.

Vietnam’s health authority has allowed combinatio­ns of different two-dose COVID-19 vaccines to speed up the vaccinatio­n campaign.

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