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Domino effect of Cold War


The attacks on the World Trade Center was a terrifying moment in our history. It would be good for the American public to learn about and the mainstream media to remind us of the trajectory that led to this tragedy. It was not just a moment in time unrelated to history. Afghanista­n has had few decades of peace and nation building from its unstable inception in the 1800s to the present. The misconstru­ed and lengthy Cold War predestine­d the U.S. to get involved when it funded anti-communist groups in the country. This led to the domino effect of bombing, invasion and retaliatio­n. I am so thankful President Biden supports our removal of troops from Afghanista­n and, hopefully, the Middle East in general. We have never made anything better by our presence, barring the patrolling of the Arabian Sea.

Margaret Flaherty, Berkeley

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