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Uber loses Dutch ruling


A court in Amsterdam ruled Monday that Uber drivers fall under the Dutch taxi drivers’ collective labor agreement — meaning they are entitled to the same employment benefits as taxi drivers.

Uber, which has 4,000 drivers in Amsterdam, said it would appeal.

The civil court said in a statement that three judges ruled that the legal relationsh­ip between Uber and its drivers “conforms to all the characteri­stics of an employment contract.”

The Dutch workers’ organizati­on that brought the case called the decision a major victory for Uber drivers.

“This verdict shows what we have been saying for years: Uber is an employer and the drivers are employees, so Uber has to abide by the taxi traffic collective labor agreement,” said Zakaria Boufangach­a, vice-chair of the Federation of Dutch Unions.

The Dutch court decision follows a similar ruling by Britain’s High Court in February that said Uber drivers are “workers” and not selfemploy­ed.

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