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Plane crashes, damages homes


A military training aircraft crashed into a residentia­l area of Lake Worth on Sunday, injuring two pilots and damaging three homes, officials said.

A T-45C Goshawk jet crashed around 10:50 a.m. during a routine training flight from Corpus Christi Internatio­nal Airport, police and the Naval Air Training Command said.

The jet’s two pilots — an instructor and a naval student — ejected from the aircraft. Fire Chief Ryan Arthur said responders found one pilot tangled in power lines, hanging by a parachute, and the other was found near the crash site.

The Naval Air Training Command said the instructor is in stable condition, and the student’s condition is unknown, but he is alive and receiving medical attention.

The plane crashed into a backyard, and a small, contained fire erupted from the impact, Arthur said. No residents were injured, but three houses sustained damage.

“It’s very fortunate; it could have been a lot worse,” Arthur said.

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