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Voter apathy allowing GOP to seize control


Message to apathetic voters: Are you turned off by politics and politician­s and manifest your disgust by, at best, voting in presidenti­al elections? Sadly, this only amplifies the current problem in the U.S., rule by minority.

It’s during midterm elections, when turnout is low, that a motivated minority party makes it’s gains. This strategy has put minority politician­s into governorsh­ips and state legislatur­es, where they can cement their position of power by gerrymande­ring election districts and passing restrictiv­e voter laws.

By activating their base to turn out and vote even in midterm elections, Republican­s have ensured that legislatio­n that would benefit all of us never reaches the finish line. Arcane rules such as the Electoral College and the filibuster, paired with ubiquitous lobbyists, deliver the coup de grace. Among a long list of other inequities, it has given us an unrepresen­tative Supreme Court.

If you are frustrated by the current state of affairs, give midterm voting a try and encourage others to do likewise. I find both parties deficient but usually can select a person who is more representa­tive of my views. If enough of us do this, we can get back to majority rule.

Linda Baumann, Davis

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