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Gandhi is spot-on


Regarding “Monica Gandhi: COVID is endemic. Here are five things we can do to keep it that way” (Open Forum, SFChronicl­, Jan. 21): Maith thu (Irish for “well done”), Monica Gandhi. Your article is the most thoughtful I have yet seen.

I have struggled with the often illfounded recommenda­tions as medical director of employee health at Seton Medical Center in Daly City. I was the personal bearer of “bad tidings” to employees who tested positive over a hundred times. Each time I struggled with the myriad of variable advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, politician­s, pharmaceut­ical companies, the Food and Drug Administra­tion and San Mateo County.

Your article should be required reading for everybody even remotely involved in dealing with COVID. Can’t mwait for your book. Dr. Colman Ryan, Hillsborou­gh

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