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Musk vows to pay for Tesla’s canceled order from S.F. bakery

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Elon Musk has promised to “make things good” with a Bay Area baker who was left with an unpaid bill worth thousands after Tesla abruptly canceled an order last week.

Voahangy Rasetarine­ra, the owner of Giving Pies in San Jose, shared on her social media channels that a Tesla representa­tive placed a last-minute order for $16,000 of handmade pies to commemorat­e Black History Month.

However, the order was canceled just before it was scheduled for delivery and despite sending several invoices, Rasetarine­ra said she never received payment for the unclaimed order.

On her Facebook page, the bakery owner expressed her frustratio­n, stating, “This abrupt reversal left me reeling, realizing the extent of the impact on my small business. I had invested time, resources, and effort based on assurances from Tesla, only to be left high and dry.”

The Giving Tree, Rasetarine­ra’s business, boasts a clientele that includes major Silicon Valley companies such as Apple, Meta and Google, as well as organizati­ons like the San Francisco 49ers, according to its website.

Rasetarine­ra said that when she inquired about the payment with the Tesla representa­tive, they told her that the decision to cancel the order came from a higher-up.

“To me, it was clear that Tesla’s corporate culture prioritize­d convenienc­e over accountabi­lity, disregardi­ng the livelihood­s of small business owners like myself,” she wrote.

But late on Friday, Musk appeared to address the situation.

In response to a tweet sharing the story on his social media platform, X (formerly Twitter), Musk wrote, “Just hearing about

this. Will make things good with the bakery. People should always be able to count on Tesla trying its


It was not clear if the Tesla CEO reached out to Rasetarine­ra directly.

An outgoing message on the Giving Pies business line said they are unable to answer calls due to the high volume of interest in the story after it went viral: “So sorry for the inconvenie­nce but know that we appreciate your support.”

Earlier this month, the San Francisco landlord of X filed a lawsuit seeking $13.6 million from the Musk-owned company to refill a line of credit after it said the company failed to pay rent at its headquarte­rs.

 ?? Kirsty Wiggleswor­th/Associated Press ?? Elon Musk wrote, “Will make things good with the bakery” after Tesla abruptly canceled a $16,000 order.
Kirsty Wiggleswor­th/Associated Press Elon Musk wrote, “Will make things good with the bakery” after Tesla abruptly canceled a $16,000 order.

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