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San Francisco Chronicle (Sunday) - - PAGE 2 - Five

⏩ The scout­ing re­port on Jimmy Garop­polo af­ter one game: Still cute.

⏩ Some­thing we learned about Garop­polo that he didn’t show last sea­son and maybe he’s show­ing now be­cause he’s se­cure: He’s a gam­bler. Not afraid to chuck the ball into a small win­dow. There’s a fine line be­tween con­fi­dent and reck­less, and Jimmy G is not afraid to walk that line. Bet­ter that than timid.

⏩ What I don’t get about Garop­polo: He sadly re­tired his old Eastern Illi­nois backpack be­cause of a bro­ken strap and a hole. If you make $27.5 mil a year, you can af­ford a live-in backpack re­pair­man.

⏩ I’m pretty sure this is not Khris Davis’ goal, but: He bat­ted ex­actly .247 each of the past three sea­sons, and his BA is hov­er­ing about .250. That con­sis­tency does not carry over to his OPS, which has gone up each of the past three sea­sons and will do so again. Lock him up! (Con­trac­tu­ally.)

⏩ What the Sharks un­der­stand that the Raiders (and the A’s) don’t: There’s noth­ing as valu­able as a su­per­star in his prime. Wel­come to the Bay Area, Erik Karls­son. You can have Khalil Mack’s park­ing spot.

⏩ Only A’s fans could have a con­ver­sa­tion like this: “Did you hear Trevor Cahill is on the shelf ?” “Oh, no, what is it? El­bow? Ro­ta­tor cuff ? Fore­arm strain?” “Rhombo.” “Dang, a rhom­boid strain!”

⏩ Lucky for me I had “Rhom­boid” on my A’s-pitch­ers-in­juries bingo card.

⏩ Synop­sis of my next movie, in­spired by The Sport­ing Green’s splen­did three-part se­ries on col­lege foot­ball’s for­rev­enue cup­cake games: Guy starts a shady school and stocks its foot­ball team with ex-cons and as­sorted lowlifes, for the pur­pose of cash­ing in on cup­cake rev­enue games against ma­jor schools. I’m call­ing it “Trump U.”

⏩ Monta El­lis sat out last sea­son but re­port­edly is plan­ning a come­back. Re­mem­ber when El­lis in­sisted two lit­tle guys couldn’t play to­gether? Now the War­riors play lit­tle guys at once. Maybe they will sign El­lis as cen­ter for their Death Lineup.

⏩ I’ve lost my arm slot. If any­one finds it, please re­turn. Re­ward.

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