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The one-minute work­out

(ten min­utes to­tal) Warm up for two min­utes on a tread­mill, on a sta­tion­ary bike or by jog­ging in place. Go all-out for 20 sec­onds, then slow down and keep go­ing for two min­utes. Re­peat two more times and cool down for three min­utes.

The sim­ple two-minute work­out

(20 min­utes to­tal) Warm up for two min­utes, as in the one-minute work­out.

Pick any com­bi­na­tion of lunges, squats, jump­ing jacks, pushups, run­ning in place, side leg kicks, don­key kicks, burpees, sit-ups or your fa­vorite aer­o­bic move. Choose six and do each one for 20 sec­onds. Rest be­tween each move by walk­ing in place or ped­al­ing slowly for two min­utes. Cool down for three min­utes.

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