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Many peo­ple, when they look at na­ture, see a va­ri­ety of plants and an­i­mals liv­ing above ground, but think of ev­ery­thing be­low ground as life­less. This is far from true. Ev­ery shovel full of earth con­tains mil­lions of mi­crobes. If the good mi­crobes far out­num­ber the bad mi­crobes, healthy, soil nur­tures the plants that grow in it, and the an­i­mals that con­sume the plants.

Pes­ti­cides, her­bi­cides, ar­ti­fi­cial fer­til­iz­ers and soil com­paction all dam­age the liv­ing soil, caus­ing a waste­land be­low the sur­face of the earth, even al­low­ing pathogens to mul­ti­ply. Adding a high-qual­ity com­post can re­new the soil, mak­ing it fer­tile and bet­ter able to with­stand drought.

We sell ther­mal aer­o­bic com­post, made by heat­ing or­ganic mat­ter in piles that we turn and aer­ate con­stantly. Our meth­ods en­cour­age ben­e­fi­cial mi­crobes in the mix, and dis­cour­age pathogens. Our fa­cil­ity is in Santa Fe County.

Our com­post im­proves soil struc­ture and poros­ity, while in­creas­ing per­me­abil­ity. It takes us about three months to make a batch. We sell two grades, both made with lots of care­ful at­ten­tion and pa­tience.

Three star: made in windrows from leaves, grass clip­pings, beer mash, wood chips, fruit po­mace, hay and horse ma­nure. We har­vest the green ma­te­rial from our crop­lands that are never treated with her­bi­cides or pes­ti­cides. This is suit­able for re­new­ing land­scap­ing, adding to veg­etable and flower gar­dens. $50 per cu­bic yard.

Five star: made in small batches that we turn by hand. The con­tents in­clude beer mash, leaves, grass clip­pings, hay, wood chips, fruit po­mace, and cof­fee grounds. The green ma­te­rial comes from a farm where pes­ti­cides and her­bi­cides are not used on the crops. This is suit­able for adding to your own com­post pile as a starter, or mak­ing com­post tea (we can tell you how!) $7 per pound.

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