Spanish Market

Contempora­ry Hispanic Market artist list

Photos taken at the 2018 Contempora­ry Hispanic Market by Gene Peach


Danny Apodaca Enamel and Glass Booth 92

Dolores M. Aragon Mixed Media, Oil and Pastel Paintings Booth 77

Jerome Armijo and Jude Tercero Furniture Booth 36

Catherine Baca Mixed Media Booth 117

Tony Baca Metalwork Booth 105

Ray Barela Hollow-Form Wood Bowls Booth 109

Vincent Brito Mixed-Media Shell Art Booth 35

Dona Calles Metalwork, Mixed Media Booth 122

Bernadette and Oscar Caraveo Jewelry Booth 16

Gilbert Candelaria Mixed-Media Recycled Art Booth 94

Sharon and Adam Candelario Etched Metalwork Booth 64

Angie and Manual Casias Mixed-Media Block Prints Booth 119

Kelly Cedeno Mixed-Media Gourds Booth 33

Alex Chavez Oil on Canvas Booth 19 Claudia Chavez Beaded Jewelry Booth 121

Joseph Mark Chavez Chainsaw Art Booth 108

Kenneth M. Chavez Mixed Media Booth 100

Peggy Chavez Fiber, Crochet Booth 18

Valerie Chavez Mixed-Media Crosses Booth 27

Cynthia Cook Mixed Media, Collage Booth 89

Celia Cortez Drawings Booth 4

Juan Delgado Mixed-Media Crosses Booth 31

Debora Duran-Geiger Ceramic Tiles Booth 115

Nikolas Duran-Geiger Watercolor­s, Pen-and-Ink Drawings Booth 53

Raul Duran Hand-Pulled Prints Booth 23

Eloise Marie Estrada Mixed-Media Painted Boxes Booth 61

Anthony Fernandez Painting Booth 24

Manuel Fernandez Oil on Canvas Booth 107 Michelle D. Ferran Painting, Scratchboa­rd Booth 10

Ravelle Flores Nonpreciou­s Jewelry Booth 49

Susie Flores Oil Paintings Booth 84

Carolee J. Friday Traditiona­l Photograph­y Booth 46

Janet Maes Gagliano Photograph­y Booth 116

Joshua Gallegos Mixed Media Booth 15

Joseph Galvan Carved Acrylic, Lucite Booth 60

Omar Ganzo Mixed-Media Paintings Booth 21

Keith J. Garcia Metalwork Booth 83

Mayling Garcia Mixed Media Booth 125

Ralph Garcia Mixed-Media Recycled Art Booth 30

Harley D. Godinez Printmakin­g Booth 112

Karen Godinez Bird Cages Booth 113

Dennis Gomez Fabricated Sterling Jewelry Booth 63 Erin Gomez Photograph­y Booth 57

Matthew Gonzales Bronze Sculpture, Drawing Booth 40

Teresa Gutierrez Shadowbox Woodworkin­g Booth 123

Richard Guzman Plein Air Oil Paintings Booth 26

Leah Henriquez-Ready Beaded Jewelry Booth 128

Mark Jimenez Jewelry Booth 42

Jade Leyva Paintings on Board Booth 47

Miguel Licona Woodworkin­g Booth 34

Mayo Licona Woodworkin­g Booth 37

Ben Lopez Mixed-Media Metal Crosses Booth 22

Adrian Lopez Mixed Media, Oil and Acrylic Paintings Booth 52

Elmar O. Perez Lopez Leather Handbags Booth 86

Johnny Lorenzo Acrylic Paintings on Wood Booth 124

Mary Margaret Lujan Watercolor Booth 6 Nadine Mahres Acrylic Paintings Booth 111

Jessica Marquez Mixed-Media Wall Art Booth 14

Adrian S. Martinez Wood Inlay Sculpture Booth 32

Audrey Martinez Recycled Material Sculpture Booth 71

Andrew Martinez Mixed-Media, Tinwork, Stained Glass Booth 54

Carlo R. Martinez. Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Stone Sculpture Booth 130

Delfinia Martinez Glass Art Booth 29

Diane Martinez Clay Pottery Booth 106

Marcelina Martinez and Gilbert Romero Metal Art Booth 41

Michael Martinez Acrylic Paintings Booth 48

Roger Martinez Acrylic on Wood Booth 114

Bertha Medina Carved Gourds Booth 73

Celeste Medina Mixed-Media Tinwork Booth 101

Clarence Medina Oil Paintings Booth 17

Robert Medina-Cook Mixed-Media Collage Booth 12

Lucille Miera Acrylic Paintings Booth 5

James and Rebecca Montoya Leatherwor­k, Acrylic Paintings Booth 118

Jennifer Morales Hand-Painted Dolls Booth 85

Jeremy Montoya Hand-Pulled Serigraphs Booth 90

Randy Montoya Precious Jewelry Booth 120

Luna, Dante and Margaret Nava Seed Bead Jewelry Booth 56

Paloma Nava Acrylic Paintings, Drawings Booth 55

Margo Nimon Glass Art Booth 59

Ginger and Stanley Griego de Olivarez Ceramics, Mixed Media Booth 13

Judy Ortiz Oil Paintings, Monotypes Booth 79

Caitlin Padilla Oil Paintings Booth 2

Marcos Padilla Stone Sculpture Booth 3 Amado Pena Printmakin­g, Drawings Booth 95

Amado Pena III Oil and Acrylic Paintings Booth 96

John F. Perea Metalwork and Nonpreciou­s Jewelry Booth 93

Guilloume Perez-Zapata Oil Paintings and Sculpture Booth 102

Robb Rael Gauche Paintings Booth 80

Edwin Rivera Mixed Media Booth 8

Gilberto Romero Stone and Metal Sculpture Booth 45

Julian H. Romero Wood Relief and Printmakin­g Booth 76

Robert Romero Stainless-Steel Sculpture Booth 134

Rodolfo Rosas Hernandez Glass Booth 99

Ralph E. Roybal Bronze Sculpture Booth 110

Greta Ruiz Hand-Built Ceramics Booth 44

Charles Michael Salazar Photograph­y Booth 81

Ana Maria Samaniego Monotypes Booth 11 Francisco Sanabria Oil and Acrylic on Canvas Booth 65

Cristina Sanchez Sculpture Booth 126

Cristina Sanchez and Susana Erling Papier-Mâché Booth 127

Jake Sanchez Painted Sculpture Booth 133

Jonathan Sanchez Hand-Pulled Serigraphs Booth 25

Rita Martinez Sanchez Metalwork and Mixed Media Booth 62

Star Sanchez Micaceous Clay Booth 131

Eugene Santianes Exotic Woods, Silver/Turquoise Inlay Booth 39

David Santiago Drawings Booth 68

Joe Santiago Mixed-Media Waterfalls Booth 69

Jose Sena Lathe-Turned Vessels Booth 66

Thomas Sena Mixed-Media Drums Booth 132

Cliff Serrano Photograph­y Booth 51

Lou Sisneros Photograph­y Booth 38 Michelle Tapia Jewelry Booth 7

Jacob Tarazon-Matteson Mixed-Media Collage, Oil Paintings, Prints Booth 28

Daniel Torres Mixed Media Booth 78

Ralph Torres Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Drawings Booth 20

Claudio Tolousse-Perez Metalwork Booth 103

David Trujillo Metal Sculpture Booth 98

John Trujillo Precious Jewelry Booth 50

Richard Trujillo Mixed Media Booth 43

Andy Valdez Oil and Acrylic Paintings Booth 91

Dion Valdez Acrylics on Panel Booth 67

Rita Valdez Acrylics on Board Booth 129

Mario Vargas Wood Sculpture and Carvings Booth 97

Mike Vargas Mixed Media Booth 9

Chris Vasquez Mixed Media Booth 87 Devin Vasquez Mixed Media Booth 88

Ramona Vigil-Eastwood Handcrafte­d Jewelry Booth 1

Valerie Vigil-Quintana Rosaries Booth 104

Jane Webb Pottery Booth 70

Sandra Duran Wilson Mixed-Media Wall Art and Sculpture Booth 58

Carolyn Wolf Acrylics on Canvas Booth 82

Alberto Zalma Mixed-Media Wall Art Booth 72

 ??  ?? Devin Vasquez
Devin Vasquez
 ??  ?? Greta Ruiz
Greta Ruiz
 ??  ?? Dennis Lee Gomez
Dennis Lee Gomez
 ??  ?? 2018 Best of Show, Ralph Roybal
2018 Best of Show, Ralph Roybal
 ??  ?? Dennis Lee Gomez
Dennis Lee Gomez
 ??  ?? Harley Godinez
Harley Godinez
 ??  ?? Margo Niman
Margo Niman
 ??  ?? Alberto Zalma
Alberto Zalma
 ??  ?? Chris “C. J.” Vasquez
Chris “C. J.” Vasquez
 ??  ?? Deborah Duran Geiger
Deborah Duran Geiger

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