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Ire­joiced read­ing in my beloved Santa Fe New Mex­i­can that there is a law­suit against pre­scribed burns in Hyde Me­mo­rial State Park (“Law­suit: Hyde Park tree-thin­ning plan needs more study,” May 25). The For­est Ser­vice warns the el­derly, the young and peo­ple with health is­sues to “take pre­cau­tions.”

Clos­ing the win­dows doesn’t help. I am not el­derly, young, nor do I have health is­sues. Still, I have trou­ble breath­ing when this sense­less for­est burn­ing cam­paign oc­curs ev­ery year. They burn the for­est, law­suit or not. We are not be­ing heard. We know there’s a bet­ter way, but they need their money more than we need to breathe, co­ex­ist with a healthy planet or live in democ­racy. Lis­ten to us. We will vote you out of your big pay­check. Gretchen Over­man

Santa Fe

Justi­tia’s demise

Have you no­ticed that the statue of Lady Jus­tice from an­cient Rome, and known as Justi­tia, has changed un­der the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion? She is no longer blind, and the scale she is hold­ing is lop­sided and no longer level. Her sword is larger and sharper. And worst of all, she has fallen and now lies bro­ken in pieces, per­haps un­able to be re­assem­bled. The Brett Ka­vanaugh se­lec­tion and hear­ing are good ex­am­ples of her demise and just an­other ex­am­ple that Don­ald Trump does ev­ery­thing for Don­ald Trump. Her­man Mor­ris

Plano, Texas

Con­sider in­de­pen­dents

As I watch the Repub­li­can and Demo­cratic can­di­dates spi­ral down into neg­a­tive fear-mon­ger­ing pol­i­tics, vote tam­per­ing and sup­port of ger­ry­man­der­ing that al­lows them to pick their vot­ers rather than al­low the vot­ers pick their can­di­dates, I find Jar­ratt Ap­ple­white, in­de­pen­dent can­di­date for Dis­trict 50, a breath of fresh air.

With Jar­ratt not be­holden to the agenda of a na­tional party and not tak­ing their money, he has the op­por­tu­nity to ac­tu­ally serve the best in­ter­ests of the peo­ple of his dis­trict. And when the Repub­li­cans and Democrats need Jar­ratt’s vote, they will have to come to the mid­dle, state their case and en­gage in civil dis­course. With more in­de­pen­dent leg­is­la­tors like Jar­ratt in the Round­house, the peo­ple of this fair state will re­gain their voice, a civil voice, that shows re­spect for all. To vote for an in­de­pen­dent can­di­date does not mean you vote away your val­ues. It means your val­ues ac­tu­ally will be bet­ter heard. Harn Soper

Santa Fe

Turn­ing 26

Your 20s can be a mix of fin­ish­ing col­lege, start­ing a ca­reer or tak­ing on your ex­penses. An im­por­tant mile­stone comes at 26 — the age that one may no longer be cov­ered un­der a par­ent’s health plan.

BeWellnm of­fers health in­surance op­tions. When shop­ping for health in­surance, re­mem­ber: Health plans pro­vide ac­cess to med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als. Qual­i­fy­ing health plans pro­vide ac­cess to no-cost pre­ven­tive care, in­clud­ing reg­u­lar check­ups, screen­ings and vac­ci­na­tions. Look at costs, your needs and what’s cov­ered in each plan.

If a birthday falls out­side of the Novem­ber-through-De­cem­ber open en­roll­ment, in­di­vid­u­als are el­i­gi­ble for a spe­cial en­roll­ment pe­riod 60 days fol­low­ing the birthday. The good news is, turn­ing 26 and los­ing your par­ent’s health in­surance cov­er­age is a qual­i­fy­ing event. You can en­roll dur­ing a spe­cial en­roll­ment pe­riod. You must en­roll within 60 days of your 26th birthday.

BeWellnm of­fers en­roll­ment help at Rita Ribas and Karen Sloan

Santa Fe

Vote him out

MAGA — great idea! Let’s make Amer­ica great again. Let’s make it like the old days when we could meet and greet friends and neigh­bors with­out won­der­ing if they were among those who had helped elect a vul­gar, misog­y­nis­tic ego­tist as pres­i­dent. A man who would rally his base by pub­licly hu­mil­i­at­ing, mock­ing and shout­ing ob­scen­i­ties at a fright­ened woman who had just bared her soul to the world by ex­pos­ing the atro­cious things that had been in­flicted upon her by none other than a then-can­di­date for Supreme Court jus­tice — a man who dis­played a to­tally un­jus­tice-like de­meanor dur­ing his con­fir­ma­tion hear­ing.

It’s like a science fic­tion movie where a creepy clown takes over the world. And it is ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing in Amer­ica — now. This is ap­palling and out­ra­geous. Vote him out, and let’s Make Amer­ica Great Again. Bob Thorn­burg

Santa Fe

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