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Meet the enemy

- Adele E. Zimmermann lives in Embudo.

In the last couple of decades, there have been concerted and coordinate­d attacks on women’s rights to control their own reproducti­ve processes. While this is an unconscion­able incursion into their personal freedom, there is a much more global and devastatin­g aspect to this movement.

Our planet’s population is virtually exploding. While it is not as evident in more developed nations, it is painfully obvious in those that are less modernized. This strains Earth’s ability to support the increasing numbers of human beings living here. Adequate food and water to maintain our planet’s current population is no longer available, and distributi­on is woefully uneven.

Factor in global climate change, which is rendering arable land less and less productive. Also, rising sea levels will drive our species from dense clusters in coastal areas to inland locations. Much of the land they will occupy will not be the increasing desert environmen­ts, but mainly existing farmland, thus further reducing our capacity to produce the food that will be more desperatel­y needed.

Couple this with United States policies that forbid the disseminat­ion of informatio­n to women worldwide — including, recently, here in America — about managing reproducti­on. Nothing will be done to stem the resulting tsunami of population growth worldwide.

Add a burgeoning population to decreasing supplies of food and water, and we will have die-offs of Homo sapiens that could rival the mass extinction­s of previous geological eras. In the words of the comic strip Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

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