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Get cre­ative with the ex­tra some­things you add. Freeze cook­ies, nuts, and can­dies so they don’t melt your batch down, then add them dur­ing the last minute of churn­ing.


STARCHY SWEETS: En­robe cook­ies, pop­corn, and flour-based in­gre­di­ents in choco­late, or candy them in sugar so that they don’t turn soggy. Two preen­robed op­tions: Cracker Jacks and Pocky.


NUTS: Toast nuts in a dry pan to boost their fla­vor. Chop them to the de­sired size and shake around in a sifter to dis­lodge any shards and skin.


CAN­DIED FRUIT: Cut cher­ries into small pieces and mac­er­ate them in sugar and your fa­vorite liquor for a cou­ple of hours as an­tifreeze in­surance. Or use a re­li­able pre­made: Luxardo’s maraschino cher­ries.


SAUCES: For dis­tinct swirls, don’t swirl at all— layer. As you trans­fer a batch to its con­tainer, al­ter­nate ice cream with driz­zles of but­ter­scotch, caramel, choco­late sauce, or pome­gran­ate mo­lasses.

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