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Min­nick might use up to five cheeses to round out a per­fect pie

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1. Ri­cotta Salata

This pressed, salted, aged sheep’smilk cheese has a sharp, salty fla­vor. Shave it onto non-tomato pies with a fontina or Toma base.

2. Pecorino Fiore Sardo

Grated cheese goes onto al­most all of Min­nick’s pies. This smoky, hard cheese from Sar­dinia has a slightly stronger fla­vor than Parm.

3. Fontina

In place of moz­zarella, Min­nick melts hand­fuls of this stinkier cow’s-milk cheese onto white pies as a dough-blan­ket­ing base.

4. Wrange­back

This his­toric Swedish cheese is a richer op­tion for com­ple­ment­ing a base cheese. “It has an aged­ched­dar-with-crys­tals qual­ity.”

5. Provolone

On tomato pies, where the sauce adds sweet­ness and mois­ture, pro­volones are good, non-weepy choices for a base cheese.

6. Feta

Once the moz­zarella has been lay­ered on, a sharper, crumbly cheese like feta adds com­plex­ity. It’s es­pe­cially good on red pies.

7. Parmi­giano-reg­giano

Min­nick mixes del­i­cate top­pings like kale with olive oil, salt, and Parmi­giano; it pro­tects them from scorch­ing and dry­ing out.

8. Toma

“Walser Toma is a sweeter, mostly neu­tral cheese with good acid­ity,” Min­nick says. Use it as a base with a yo­gurt or pesto sauce.

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