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Swirled car­damom buns,

MAKES 12 Ac­tive: 30 min. To­tal: 8 hr. 30 min.

These but­tery, yeasted rolls are in­spired by Scan­di­na­vian karde­mummab­ullar—twisted sweet breads scented with car­damom and topped with sugar. Tra­di­tion­ally, they are served dur­ing fika, Swe­den’s af­ter­noon cof­fee break. You can shape the buns on bak­ing sheets up to 1 day ahead, cover, and re­frig­er­ate, then leave them to rise at room tem­per­a­ture for about 2 hours be­fore bak­ing.

½ cup cold whole milk 1 Tbsp. in­stant dry yeast (not ac­tive dry) 3 large eggs 1 tsp. pure vanilla ex­tract 3¼ cups all-pur­pose flour, plus more as needed ½ cup sugar, di­vided, plus more for gar­nish 1¼ tsp. kosher salt 16 Tbsp. (8 oz.) cold un­salted but­ter, cut into cubes ¼ cup light brown sugar 1 Tbsp. coarsely ground car­damom seeds (dis­card the pods) 1 tsp. ground cin­na­mon 4 Tbsp. (2 oz.) un­salted but­ter, soft­ened 1 In a small bowl, whisk the milk and yeast. Whisk in 2 of the eggs and the vanilla, and set aside.

2 In the bowl of a stand mixer fit­ted with the pad­dle at­tach­ment, mix the flour, half of the sugar, and the salt. Add the cold but­ter cubes, and mix on low speed un­til they are bro­ken down to the size of small peas, 1–2 min­utes. With the mixer run­ning, driz­zle in the milk mix­ture and mix just un­til a dough forms, about 30 sec­onds.

3 Lightly flour a work sur­face and turn the dough out onto it. Knead gen­tly to form a ball, then flat­ten it to a disk about 1 inch thick. Wrap tightly in plas­tic wrap and re­frig­er­ate un­til firm, about 6 hours, or overnight.

4 About 2½ hours be­fore you plan to serve, re­trieve the dough. Line 2 bak­ing sheets with parch­ment pa­per. In a bowl, com­bine the re­main­ing sug­ars, car­damom, and cin­na­mon. In a small bowl, beat the re­main­ing egg with a splash of wa­ter, and set it aside.

5 Lightly flour a clean work sur­face and rolling pin, and roll out the dough into a 12x16-inch rec­tan­gle. With one of the short sides fac­ing you, use a spat­ula or the back of a spoon to spread the soft­ened but­ter in an even layer over the dough, leav­ing a 1-inch bor­der along the top and bot­tom edges of the rec­tan­gle. Sprin­kle the sugar mix­ture over the but­ter, then brush the bare borders with the re­main­ing beaten egg (re­serve any re­main­ing egg wash for later). Fold the dough in half so the egg-washed borders meet, then cut it, per­pen­dic­u­lar to the fold, into 12 even strips.

6 Work­ing one at a time, lift each of the strips by their two short ends, and twist in op­po­site direc­tions while pulling and stretch­ing slightly to make a loose twist. Coil the strip around one of its own ends to make a cir­cu­lar bun, then tuck the out­er­most end be­neath the dough.

7 Trans­fer to the bak­ing sheets, leav­ing 3 inches be­tween each bun. Cover with plas­tic wrap and set aside un­til the buns are puffed and soft, 1½ hours.

8 Pre­heat the oven to 400°F and place 2 racks near the cen­ter with at least 5 inches be­tween them. Brush the sur­face of each bun with egg wash, then bake, ro­tat­ing the pans half­way through, un­til golden brown, 20–25 min­utes. Re­move and sprin­kle with more sugar. Let cool slightly be­fore serv­ing.

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