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Ac­tive: 30 min. • To­tal: 1 hr.

Sinori, a rich dish from the Ad­jara re­gion of­ten served at break­fast, is made by smoth­er­ing rolls of flat­bread in but­ter and nadughi, a fresh Ge­or­gian cheese. In Ge­or­gia, Meri Maka­haradze pre­pared her ver­sion us­ing the more rus­tic, aged shushvela cheese. To ap­prox­i­mate its aged fla­vor and aroma, this adapted ver­sion is topped with a sprin­kling of Em­men­tal. Two 10-oz. pack­ages lavash, trimmed

and cut into 2x10-inch strips 1 lb. (4 sticks) un­salted but­ter 1 gar­lic clove, minced (1 tsp.) 1 lb. (1⅔ cups) whole-milk ri­cotta Kosher salt Freshly ground black pep­per 2½ oz. low-mois­ture moz­zarella,

coarsely grated (½ cup) 2½ oz. Em­men­tal cheese, coarsely

grated (½ cup)

1 Set a rack near the top of the oven and pre­heat to 375°F.

2 In a small pot, melt the but­ter over medium-low heat. Add the gar­lic and cook just un­til fra­grant, 2–3 min­utes, then stir in the ri­cotta. Re­move the pot from the heat, sea­son the mix­ture with kosher salt and freshly ground black pep­per to taste, and keep warm while you pre­pare the lavash. 3 Roll the lavash strips into short rolls and place them, cut side up, in a 10-inch cast-iron skil­let. (They should be tightly packed enough that they do not un­roll, but not crushed or flat­tened. You might not need all of the lavash.) Pour the but­ter mix­ture evenly over the rolls so that it cov­ers the lavash just about two-thirds of the way. Sprin­kle the top of the rolls with the cheeses, tent the skil­letwith foil, and bake un­til the cheese is melted and bub­bling, about 15 min­utes. Un­cover and con­tinue cook­ing to lightly brown and crisp the edges of the lavash if de­sired, 10–12 min­utes more. Serve warm.

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