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The neo­prene in the WS80 feels thicker and firmer than oth­ers (and we mea­sured more buoy­ancy in this suit than any other in its cat­e­gory). But it proved com­fort­able and not at all re­stric­tive, ty­ing top scores for both fit and com­fort, and was rated ex­cel­lent for range of mo­tion, helped by pre-curved el­bows and a high-stretch panel on the lower back. As one diver noted, the suit is “more flex­i­ble than I am.” The seals are made of the same ma­te­rial as the in­te­rior of the suit, re­quir­ing a snug fit to work well. But the wrist and an­kle zip­pers eased get­ting the suit on and off, and it tied top scores in its cat­e­gory for donning and doffing. The suit has rub­bery shoul­der ap­pliques that help keep BC straps from mov­ing around, and the waf­fle-pat­tern kneepads pro­vide good pro­tec­tion with­out bind­ing, even with a wide frog kick (though they did tend to col­lect sand and dirt). Well-made, warm and com­fort­able, the WS80 was our Best Buy.

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