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Some 3 mm suits are clearly de­signed for the cooler end of the tem­per­a­ture range, but the Aquaflex goes the full mea­sure. The rear zip­per has a wide dou­ble smooth-skin clo­sure with a rolled outer flap of a de­sign you’re more likely to find on a 5 mm or even 7 mm suit. The ex­te­rior seams are sealed with liquid rub­ber to block wa­ter seep­age, as well as to pre­vent the stitch­ing from un­rav­el­ing, and the front of the torso is lined with a thick in­su­lat­ing panel. The suit’s high-stretch ma­te­rial and body-hug­ging cut helped it tie top scores for fit (al­though it seemed on the verge of too snug in the hips). It also tied the best score for the ef­fi­ciency of its seals, which ta­per to a feather edge that com­bines with the high stretch of the fab­ric to make for an ef­fi­cient, wa­ter-block­ing fit. Well-made, warm and com­fort­able, the Aquaflex is worth con­sid­er­a­tion if you’re look­ing for the max­i­mum in­su­la­tion in a 3 mm.

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