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Rolled hems in the neo­prene are rugged and com­fort­able, but they must fit very snugly to be ef­fec­tive, and they some­times stretch over time. O-rings of smooth­skin do a good job of seal­ing, pro­vided they’re snug enough, and they’re easy to don and doff, par­tic­u­larly in thin­ner suits. A rel­a­tively new style seal uses an edge that ta­pers to the end. It’s very ef­fec­tive as long as it makes full con­tact, is easy to don and doff, and very com­fort­able. Long cuffs of smooth-skin make a very ef­fec­tive seal with a good fit, and they are less prone to stretch­ing out. They can be a bit sticky to get on and off.

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