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How can you gauge fit in the wa­ter when you’re able to try on a suit only in a warm dress­ing room?

Look for a firm,

even squeeze. You have to be able to breathe with­out dif­fi­culty. But a wet­suit has to fit snugly to do its job, with­out bag­gi­ness or pock­ets of air that will be­come pock­ets of cold wa­ter. Think sec­ond skin as the ideal you’re look­ing for.

De­mand Goldi

locks’ choices. If the medium on the rack is too small and the large too large, don’t be pressed into tak­ing ei­ther. Be sure you try on all the sizes in be­tween — some man­u­fac­tur­ers have as many as five sizes be­tween men’s medium and large.

As­sume the po

sition. Don’t limit your try-on to stand­ing up­right and still. Stretch and swing your arms and legs. Squat down and reach your arms straight out, and over your head. Take the po­si­tion you’ll be in when div­ing – those pre-curved sleeves might feel weird on land but more nat­u­ral when div­ing.

Rubbed the wrong

way. Snug, yes; ir­ri­tat­ing, no. Watch for seams that chafe your neck or bind on your armpits, or a neck clo­sure that’s just not shaped like you. If it’s ir­ri­tat­ing in the dress­ing room, think what it will be like 30 min­utes into your dive.

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