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While the Ti­ta­nium 3 shares a front-zip de­sign with Ca­maro’s Al­pha 3, the suit is oth­er­wise very dif­fer­ent, lined with skin­like ti­ta­nium. Glued rather than stitched, the in­te­rior has a smooth, flat pro­file with no ridges or bumps. That slick, soft sur­face lets it stay right up against the skin to very ef­fec­tively block wa­ter move­ment — and it helped the suit earn an ex­cel­lent score for over­all com­fort. Since the ti­ta­nium lin­ing doesn’t ab­sorb wa­ter, the suit’s in­te­rior dries quickly; on our sunny-day dives, it was dry within min­utes. Rolled smooth-skin seals at wrists and an­kles tied the top score for ef­fec­tive­ness. Easy to pull on when dry, the suit’s in­te­rior is a lit­tle sticky when wet, and the ex­posed neo­prene de­mands care to avoid goug­ing or tear­ing when donning and doffing. But the care­fully as­sem­bled in­te­rior, with a feel of Old World crafts­man­ship, made the Ti­ta­nium 3 ex­cep­tion­ally warm and com­fort­able.

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