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Most fins are made of a mix of ma­te­ri­als: hard and soft, plas­tic and rub­ber. But what’s un­usual is the way the Phazer com­bines them in the side rails, where you can see the wavy line cre­ated by the stiffer plas­tic sur­rounded by softer, rub­bery ma­te­rial. Aqua Lung calls it a “wave rib”; in the water its ef­fect is a no­tice­able snap with each stroke — “like they're spring-loaded,” as one test diver de­scribed it. The steeply an­gled blade has a wide, soft pocket to scoop lots of water and a big vent at the toe to keep it mov­ing smoothly with­out over­pow­er­ing the legs. That earned the Phazer a very good score for power, and for ef­fi­ciency in all kick­ing styles. The bungee strap, with a wide, con­toured heel pad and a jumbo fin­ger loop, helped it take a very good score for over­all com­fort and ex­cel­lent scores for easy don­ning and doff­ing. In very tough com­pe­ti­tion, it was se­lected among the fa­vorites of more test divers than any other fin in its cat­e­gory. The Phazer is our Testers Choice for open-heel rec fins.

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