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SPARE AIR $ 320 ($ 340 for ni­trox); spareair. com

For emer­gency bailouts, this com­pact bot­tle-and-reg­u­la­tor combo can pro­vide enough gas to get to the sur­face from a shal­low depth. It’s avail­able in 1.7 and 3 cu­bic feet, is ni­trox-ca­pa­ble, and can be filled from a pri­mary cylin­der.

AQUA LUNG I750TC $ 999; aqualung. com

Air-in­te­grated com­put­ers serve up tank­pres­sure info in a quick and con­ve­nient dis­play. The I750TC boasts a full-color OLED screen and Blue­tooth smart wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity for tank-trans­mit­ter pair­ing and mo­bile-de­vice shar­ing.

VINDICATOR SCUBA TANK VALVE SAFETY HAN­DLE $ 15.89; vindicator- safe­ty­han­dle. myshopify. com

This uses smart a sim­ple valve-han­dle red-for-closed, re­place­ment green­for-open in­di­ca­tor sys­tem that takes the guess­work out of your air sup­ply. It’s made from durable ma­te­ri­als and is de­signed to fit a wide range of valves.

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