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To your out in­crease how dive many plan, the cu­bic learn precision to feet fig­ure of of air per minute you typ­i­cally con­sume. Es­tab­lish a base con­sump­tion fig­ure with a test run of 33 feet for 10 min­utes (five min­utes out and five min­utes back) at your nor­mal dive pace. Then plug your data into this equa­tion:

SAC = (1-P2/P1) x Vf/aa/tm

P1 = pres­sure in psi at be­gin­ning of test dive P2 = pres­sure in psi at end of test dive Vf = vol­ume of air in cylin­der in cu­bic feet (di­vide the ac­tual pres­sure by the full pres­sure, and mul­ti­ply by the vol­ume in cu­bic feet of a full tank)

Aa = pres­sure in ab­so­lute at­mos­pheres

Tm = time of dive in min­utes Want more ex­pla­na­tion? Go to scubadiv­

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