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1APEKS XL4 MSRP $520 CON­TACT APEKSDIVING.COM When the lit­tle XL4 took ex­cel­lent scores across the board in our breath­ing-sim­u­la­tor tests, we kept push­ing it deeper — all the way to 278 feet, where it still took an ex­cel­lent score. Test divers gave it top marks for dry, easy breath­ing, and liked the com­fort of its light­weight sec­ond stage. The XL4 was our Testers Choice for regs. 2SCUBAPRO MK11/ C370 MSRP $495 CON­TACT SCUBAPRO.COM Pair the proven MK11 first stage with the C370 sec­ond stage sport­ing a bal­anced valve and new ex­haust tee, and here’s what you get: smooth, easy breath­ing. It earned ex­cel­lent scores on the sim­u­la­tor, and raves from test divers who en­joyed its silky, quiet per­for­mance and dry op­er­a­tion in all breath­ing po­si­tions. The MK11/C370 was our Best Buy for regs.

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