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Six Dive Locations Reachable Only by Liveaboard


Sometimes a liveaboard isn’t just the best way to get to a primo scuba destinatio­n—it’s the only way. Here are six iconic spots around the globe,

reachable only by dive yacht.

From meeting new buddies from around the world to being able to get wet five times a day, liveaboard diving has plenty of perks. But one of the best benefits of a liveaboard is reaching areas of the ocean that are inaccessib­le by dayboat.

Out in the big blue, you never know what you’ll encounter. Many of these far-flung destinatio­ns are part of marine protected areas little influenced by human activity. Their locations alone—isolated in the middle of major waterways—make them an attractive pit stop for migrating pelagic megafauna like sharks, rays and whales.

Granted, these are not always easy destinatio­ns to access. In fact, the most remote islands may take up to 36 hours to reach. But once you’re anchored over your first dive site in a floating hotel hundreds of miles from civilizati­on, you’ll realize the travel was a small price to pay for the adventure that awaits.

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