Make the most of your pantry, whether you have a spa­cious walk-in or just a few shelves for food stor­age.

Secrets of Getting Organized - - Kitchen + Pantry Storage Strategies - WRITER ME­GAN BOETTCHER


walk-in pantry? A ded­i­cated room seems to prom­ise a fool­proof way to find space for all the things you have jammed into your kitchen cab­i­nets. But no mat­ter what size your pantry is, you’re likely to feel as if there’s not enough room for ev­ery­thing you want to store there, and that it’s too hard to find what you need when you need it.

A pantry is only as good as its setup, so be­lieve it or not, the so­lu­tion isn’t more space. It’s a bet­ter use of the space you al­ready have. Care­ful plan­ning and a few help­ful stor­age con­tain­ers can go a long way in im­prov­ing any pantry and en­sur­ing ev­ery­thing is easy to find, ac­cess, and put away.

If a pantry over­haul is on your to-do list, also con­sider a plan for main­tain­ing your stor­age sys­tem. Food is con­stantly moving in and out of the house, so you must think through how to keep your pantry wellor­ga­nized for the long haul. We have some ideas to help you get started.


Air­tight glass jars, op­po­site, are great for stor­ing grains and bak­ing sup­plies. When items get low, jot down a re­minder on chalkboard-pan­eled pantry doors, left, so you can add them to your gro­cery list later.


Reimag­ine your pantry by re­mov­ing all con­tents and dis­card­ing ex­pired prod­ucts. Ad­just shelv­ing heights as needed to fit es­sen­tial items. If shelves are not ad­justable, con­sider adding bins, pull­out draw­ers, and di­viders, above.


Shal­low pull­outs— in­stead of im­mo­bile shelves—are a great idea, above right. They al­low you to eas­ily reach deep into a pantry cabi­net and are a back-sav­ing so­lu­tion for low shelves. No more stoop­ing!


Put ev­ery inch of stor­age space to use with shal­low shelves on the back of the pantry door, right. Use this space for small items like condi­ments and spices that can eas­ily get lost in the back of pantry shelves.

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