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1. IS IT US­ABLE? Pull ev­ery­thing out of your ve­hi­cle, item by item. As you touch each one, as­sess it. Does it need to be in your car? Is it in good work­ing or­der? Your an­swer should be yes to both ques­tions. In ad­di­tion to dis­pos­ing of wrap­pers and re­ceipts, toss old maps, bro­ken ice scrap­ers, torn um­brel­las, and dried- out pens. Test all emer­gency and first- aid gear. Give your car’s in­te­rior a good vac­u­um­ing and wip­ing down. 2. WHAT GOES WHERE? As you load gear back into your ve­hi­cle, as­sign spe­cific du­ties to each pocket, pouch, and stor­age com­part­ment. Des­ig­nate the glove box for pa­pers and maps only, door pock­ets for um­brel­las, and seat pock­ets for kid stuff. If some­thing doesn’t have an ob­vi­ous home, de­ter­mine if you need to add a can­vas or leather or­ga­nizer— or whether the item truly be­longs in your ve­hi­cle at all. 3. CAN I GET TO CRIT­I­CAL PA­PERS IN 30 SEC­ONDS? Gather all auto- re­lated pa­pers (cur­rent regis­tra­tion, in­sur­ance state­ment, state inspections, own­ers’ man­u­als, and re­pair re­ceipts) in one place. If you don’t have a folder or case, hold ev­ery­thing to­gether with a binder clip un­til you pur­chase one. If your stack doesn’t fit in the glove box, put it in an ac­cor­dion folder that lives in the pouch be­hind the pas­sen­ger front seat, so it’s still within the driver’s reach. 4. DO I DRIVE KIDS OR PETS? Make the back seat friendly for kids or pets by fill­ing a con­tainer or bag with snacks, bot­tled wa­ter, car games, books, and cleanup sup­plies. 5. HOW DO I KEEP IT ALL IN PLACE? Like any space in your home, you need to add con­tain­ers to your ve­hi­cle’s trunk and back seat to keep things or­ga­nized. A medi­um­size card­board box in the trunk will work un­til you find the right plas­tic or can­vas bin. Look for a con­tainer with a zip­pered top and a hook- and- loop bot­tom that pre­vents slip­ping.

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