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It’s im­por­tant for every­one to know what’s on tap for the week, so even though I keep my cal­en­dar on my phone, I also have a pa­per cal­en­dar placed where every­one can see. And re­mem­ber, if some­thing needs to get done, it needs to be on your cal­en­dar. If I have to call the ca­ble com­pany about my bill, I will put it on my cal­en­dar at a time when I don’t have any­thing else go­ing on, so it will pop up as an alert just as if it’s a meet­ing.

Get your ap­point­ments into a cal­en­dar right away be­cause you may for­get at the end of the day. Also uti­lize re­minders in a func­tional way. Set a 24- hour re­minder in case an event falls off your radar. Set a sec­ond re­minder that adds the com­mute time or time to change out­fits, if needed.

I rec­om­mend hav­ing sep­a­rate cal­en­dars for sep­a­rate paths or ca­reers in your life; that means one cal­en­dar for work and one for fam­ily. If you are go­ing to give your kids a phone, teach them how to use their cal­en­dar and syn­chro­nize every­one’s cal­en­dars so you can see what’s on them and add ap­point­ments to their phone.

Many schools, sports teams, and other groups have their own cal­en­dar of events to which you can sub­scribe. Take ad­van­tage of this. You don’t have to do the data en­try, and the cal­en­dar will be au­to­mat­i­cally up­dated. Events for that ac­tiv­ity can be added to your cal­en­dar in a spe­cific color to help you keep it all straight. Also don’t be afraid to sched­ule in some fam­ily time, even if it’s just an hour for a game night.

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