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“I’ve al­ways had a heart for help­ing peo­ple,” says Saman­tha Pre­gen­zer, and that ’s what she does every day as the founder of Sim­ply Or­ga­nized in the San Fran­cisco Bay area. Here she shares some of her strate­gies for tack­ling clut­ter in bed­rooms and clos­ets. BAS­KETS ARE HER SE­CRET WEAPON. Not neat enough for open shelves? Stash your stuf­fin at­trac­tive bins and bas­kets. Pre­gen­zer fa­vors ones with a fab­ric liner so they don’t snag clothes. KIDS’ ROOMS NEED DRAW­ERS. ”Chil­dren are not go­ing to hang their clothes,” Pre­gen­zer says. She rec­om­mends dressers, draw­ers, and cub­bies in chil­dren’s rooms. “They just love to shove s t u ff i n . ” GET HELP BY THE HOUR . Don’t let money stand in the way of hir­ing a pro­fes­sional or­ga­nizer. Pre­gen­zer of­ten con­sults with clients for an hour or an af­ter­noon—rather than or­ga­niz­ing the whole proje ct— to sug­gest sim­ple fixes and prod­ucts that can have a big im­pact.

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