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Af­ford­able kits al­low you to hang rods, shelves, and com­po­nents with­out a pro­fes­sional in­staller. Re­mem­ber the fol­low­ing when shop­ping for a sys­tem.


Does the kit come with ad­justable or tele­scop­ing parts? Will it al­low for short­and long-hang­ing items? Be aware some kits re­quire cut­ting to fit and others don’t.


Kits come in coated wire, melamine, faux wood, and wood. De­cide on the look you want and go see it in a home im­prove­ment store or show­room. What sounds good on­line may not end up hav­ing the fin­ish you ex­pected when the kits ar­rive.


Find out what ready-made add-ons are avail­able for or­ga­niz­ing shoes, ac­ces­sories, and cloth­ing. Does the sys­tem al­low you to mix and match com­po­nents as needed?


Choose a kit that will help you find items quickly—the more clothes you can eas­ily see, the more you will wear.


En­sure that your se­lected sys­tem will fit your closet size and that you feel com­fort­able in­stalling it. Ver­ify you have all hard­ware, parts, and tools be­fore you start.

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