Splash pads or sprin­klers?

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[WARN­ING: Here comes an old man rant!]

These kids to­day are so spoiled. Back in my day, if it was hot, do you know what we could do? Sweat. We could sweat. Maybe we could find some shade un­der a tree so we could sweat a lit­tle less. Or, if we were re­ally lucky we might talk Mom into let­ting us drag a hose out onto the lawn, at­tach a sprin­kler, and run through it.

Do kids to­day have to beg for a hose and a sprin­kler? No. They can just go to a splash pad! What's a splash pad, you ask? (If you're ask­ing that, you re­ally need to get out more.) A splash pad is a park that con­tains some com­bi­na­tion of foun­tains, streams, rivers, lakes, wa­ter­falls, show­ers, and sprin­klers for kids to run through on hot, sunny days.

The splash pads they have for kids to­day are amaz­ing, and they're get­ting more in­tri­cate with each pass­ing day. It used to be a splash pad was just a few foun­tains spew­ing wa­ter up into the air, but now they're even more elab­o­rate with things like a "lazy river," where you don't even have to walk, you just sit and float through all the splash­ing. There are so many fun and creative ways to get wet now that a kid may never need to be dry again!

These days there's a splash pad in al­most ev­ery town. All you have to do is show up to a park with a splash pad and un­leash your kids on it. You'll need to be sure you packed some tow­els, and some sun­screen, and some wa­ter bot­tles for hy­dra­tion since you can't ac­tu­ally drink any of the splash pad wa­ter be­cause, well, kids have been stand­ing in it and some of those kids have bod­ily flu­ids they don't com­pletely know how to con­trol.

So, yes, splash pads can be fun, but no, you shouldn't drink the wa­ter.

Back when I was a kid, we had no qualms about un­hook­ing the sprin­kler and drink­ing straight from the hose. Some­times we'd even put our mouth right on the ac­tual end of the hose. Usu­ally, the wa­ter would be a lit­tle warm, but we didn't mind be­cause it was wa­ter. And none of us died from it. (That I know of.)

And when we were done drink­ing from the hose and run­ning through the sprin­kler, we'd go find the shade from a big tree and sweat a lit­tle more.

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Chil­dren en­joy get­ting wet at a splash pad.

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