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“My mother is Dutch and my fa­ther is In­done­sian, so my tex­ture is a mix of babyfine and straight and thick and wavy. I sleep with my hair down be­cause if I put it up in a scrunchie overnight, it will have a dent in it all day. It re­ally hangs on to any­thing you do to it.” HER HEAD TRIP: I al­ways use cloth­cov­ered elas­tics, which are gen­tler to fine hair and don’t leave marks. My hair care is min­i­mal. I don’t color or use con­di­tioner to avoid strip­ping it or weigh­ing it down. Once a week I use a clar­i­fy­ing rinse. PROD­UCT MUST: Neu­tro­gena Anti-Residue Sham­poo ($7, drug­stores)

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