Al­co­hol se­ri­ously ups your odds.

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Although your breast can­cer risk in­creases by 4 per­cent from light drink­ing (up to one drink a day), 23 per­cent from mod­er­ate drink­ing (two to four a day), and 61 per­cent from heavy drink­ing (five or more a day), those are rel­a­tive-risk num­bers, says Erika Hamil­ton, M.D., di­rec­tor of the breast and gy­ne­co­logic can­cer re­search pro­gram at Sarah Can­non Re­search In­sti­tute in Nash­ville. On av­er­age, women have a 10 per­cent risk of get­ting breast can­cer in their life­time; a 4 per­cent in­crease in rel­a­tive risk means the to­tal risk is 10.4 per­cent—a pretty tiny change, un­til you hit the heavy cat­e­gory. Stick to two drinks or fewer a day to keep your odds low.

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