CONSIDER THIS latest Shape Studio workout a twofer for keeping your skin in firm, fighting form: It’s a mix of cardio to bring on the immediate oxygen rush and strengthen­ing moves to give skin the firmest foundation in the long run. “Another benefit of exercise is how much the collagenou­s tissues improve in the skeletal muscle, which in turn makes our skin look better thanks to the nice muscle tone beneath,” Olson says.

Celebrity trainer Jen Widerstrom, Shape’s contributi­ng fitness director, delivers the benefits with this mini-routine that will sculpt every spot as you burn through sweaty compound moves. “Working your muscles while activating your heart is truly the best of both worlds in fitness, so why choose one?” says Widerstrom, who is streaming her routines on This workout brings the heat not with speedy reps but with full-body movement combinatio­ns. “When you move more of your body at once, it requires more oxygen and a higher heart rate,” she says. You’ll use a set of eight-pound hand weights to do a circuit of supersets (trade up to 15 pounds for the rows and lunges if you have them handy); each superset alternates a pair of 45-second, as-many-reps-as-possible exercises, such as a curl-to-press with a lateral raise.

“It’s four movement pairs, two rounds of each to equal one great way to take care of your skin from the inside out,” she says. Ready to glow? Go a couple of rounds with Widerstrom when you scan the smart code at right.

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