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When you want to go long, you might want to reach for Nikon’s AF-S Nikkor 180400mm f/4e TC1.4 FL ED VR zoom lens. What makes this su­per tele­photo zoom so unique is it’s the first lens from Nikon to fea­ture a built-in tele­con­verter for an ex­tended range. The switch-ac­ti­vated 1.4x tele­con­verter in­creases the reach of the new Nikkor 180-400mm zoom to 252-560mm with Nikon Fx-for­mat (full-frame) DSLRS, and to a whop­ping 378-840mm on Nikon Dx-for­mat (APSC) DSLRS. Ideal for wildlife and sports pho­tog­ra­phy, the pow­er­ful new su­per tele­photo boasts a con­stant f/4 max­i­mum aper­ture for iso­lat­ing a sub­ject from the back­ground even at long range in low light. The Nikkor 180-400mm f/4 fea­tures an elec­tro­mag­netic di­aphragm that’s op­ti­mized for high-speed burst shoot­ing with con­sis­tent ex­po­sures. The lens also has an en­hanced AF track­ing al­go­rithm to in­crease aut­o­fo­cus per­for­mance when fol­low­ing fast-mov­ing sub­jects. The

Vi­bra­tion Re­duc­tion (VR) sys­tem fea­tures both Nor­mal and Sports modes, de­liv­er­ing up to four stops of com­pen­sa­tion for sharp, hand­held re­sults un­der less than ideal light­ing con­di­tions. The durable lens is con­structed of light­weight mag­ne­sium al­loy, and is sealed against mois­ture and dust. On the down­side, it’s heavy—al­most eight pounds—and it sure ain’t cheap.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 180-400mm f/4e TC1.4 FL ED VR Lens $12,400 nikonusa.com

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