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Beth Brown’s Class

Dear Santa,

I have many wishes like my mom and my dad to not get di­vorced I don’t want that be­cause we are too young plus I have no idea who I am go­ing to go with my mom or my dad and by “we” I mean my sis­ter (lit­tle) and my lit­tle brother which he is four years old and my sis­ter is eight years and I want a Playsta­tion 4 with Minecraft game, and my own Chrome Book also I want a wa­ter bot­tle that doesn’t wig­gle oh and it has for boys be­cause my switch teacher, the wig­gling drives here CRAZY and she takes it away.

Your friend that beilives in you, Hec­tor.

Dear Santa,

I have been wait­ing for Christ­mas the whole year. My favrite part about Christ­mas is spend­ing time with fam­ily not just the presents. I don’t want very much this year all I want is a tele­scope and most of all I want my sis­ter (Miah) to be nicer to me, but my cute lit­tle sis­ter (Emma) is fine.

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I want to tell you that I have been a good kid, but som­times I’m mean to my sis­ter if she calls me a mean name and I stopped. So I just want to tell you merry Christ­mas and happy new years.


Angie Franco

Dear Santa,

This year I don’t re­ally want much, I want a re­ally big bone for lucy a furs one, some an­i­mal jam toys, like a plus­nie or a T-shirt. But what I want the most is my mom to be happy and for her to have the best Christ­mas ever. Sin­serely,

Ari­ana S.

Dear Santa,

I want to wish you a merry Christ­mas and a new year and I would love it if you gave me a gym­nas­tic bar one a lit­tle bit big­ger than me and one con­nected to it a bit big­ger and a few inches apart like in the oly­pan­ics with a mat un­der in case I fall. And a phone with a case, a screen pro­tecter, and a pop­socket, and one more thing Santa Claus I want a girl elf to go with my boy elf so they could be like maybe boyfriend and girl­friend be­cause one time he got me evie doll from des­dants and pre­tended to be girl­friend and boyfriend and it was re­ally funny. I think he might have told you but just in case you didn’t know I just want to tell you and ac­tu­ally I want a few more things and you can check my list but I don’t have a lot of things on my list. Sin­cerely, a lov­ing child of god, Mor­gan K.

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christ­mas is drums that you can plug into your head­phones and no one can hear it but you I also want squishies big/small and pie face and other fun board games please. If you get me most of this stuff that would be awe­some please!! Thank you!!! Sin­cerely,


Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year, and for Christ­mas I want a Budgie, a gun and a com­puter please. Sin­cerely,


Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I al­ready know what I want I want boll’s and clothes. My fam­ily will take care of the rest of the thing’s. Merry Christ­mas!! Sin­cerely,


Dear Santa,

I want you to give me a stuff ana­mal and a hatchamule and some clothes and a good hol­la­day.

Your fre­and,


Dear Santa,

I have ben a good girl I hope you like my let­ter. I want a gim­nas­tics bar and a iPod. Sin­cerely your friend, Kourt­ney

Dear Santa,

Hi it’s Blake I want the game Overwach it is 20 bucks a new wach and a PS4 with the game Destiney 2 for the PS4. Your friend,


PS: Overwach for the PS4 Dear Santa,

I love your elfs on the shelfs they are adorable. But what I want for Christ­mas is love from my fam­ily, and some other toys but I want them from my fam­ily. Sin­cerely, your freind,

Dani H.

Dear Santa,

For Christ­mas I want ti­tan fall and call of duty block ops 4 call of duty ad­vnced mor­den war­fare.



Dear Santa,

Santa Some­thing I have al­ways wanted was a gum­ball ma­chine for Christ­mas. I would also like a Shih Tzu doggo and some money to get the dog. And if you do thank you. Sin­cerely,


Dear Santa,

Hello Santa! How are you? What I want for Christ­mas is some Tae-Kwon-do stuff which is Mat Sox and a “Tae-Kwon-do Strong” Tee. I would also like a flight­sim­u­la­tor or an ATV, I would like a real shuriken. The last thing I want is some mil­li­tary stuff Merry Christ­mas!!!

Your friend,


Dear Santa,

I want you to have a won­der­ful Christ­mas and you are a great agsam­ple for kids so thay can be­com a Santa.



Dear Santa,

I want a baby alive talk­ing and cry­ing doll also a bar­bie car and a small col­or­ing book and a lit­tle color charg­ing pen. Last thing some new clothes size 8 please and new socks and a mi­cro­phone new high tops white please, smart whatch, Amir­i­can girl set play set, girl elf on the shelf, girl. Lots of jack­ets dif­fer­ent col­ors, gym­nas­tic bar, bendy pen­cils, sharp­ener col­or­ful, real glasses col­or­ful, wa­ter bot­tle, desk, pen­cil pouch, stuffed an­i­mal, com­puter, in­tendo switch and elf­flotie.

Sin­cerely, your friend, El’drea

Dear Santa,

Merry Chris­mas Santa, I hope you are not wear­ing your­self work­ing so hard is ev­ery­thing go­ing okay up in the North pole. Are your elf’s work­ing hard and be­ing good? Hope so! For Chris­mas I would like a polorowd cam­era, a puppy at my dad’s, and some new squshes. Hope ev­ery­things go­ing good. Also want a new phone case and pop socket. Merry Christ­mas! Love your friend, Makalie

Dear Santa,

I think I have been very good this year, and for Christ­mis I want a bath­bom ket please can I get it for Chist­mis it would meen the world to me if I got that for Chist­mis. I also want a vi­o­lent for Chist­mis you would meen so much to me if I got that. Can I get some Christ­mis pa­ja­mas for Christ-miss. Sin­cerely, your friend, Erika

Dear Santa,

I want a lit­tle nife just to prac­tice hunt­ing with.



Dear Santa, I wish you a marry Crismes Santa I know that your busy be­cuse ther is 19 days un­til Crismes I hope you have safe trav­els and have no ran­dear sick marry Crismes Santa. Your friend,


Zane Gra­ham’s Class

Dear, Santa

I want a nin­tendo switch, Xbox1, Iphone XLt, A puppy, and suprise me with some other cool stuff maybe a tablet or com­puter: stuff like that. oh and can I have maybe 2 of your rain­deer and ru­dolph. Thank you

From: Ad­die

Dear “SC”

Dear “Santa” what I want for Christ­mas is for you to give me a uni­corn or a puppy oh or a pony and a lot of washy tape a gi­ant squisy a uni­corn cake more fake nails “phone” oh and and nin­tendo Switch and Alot of Squishys. Santa I re­ally re­ally want you to see this last one It’s very im­prtant that’s why put it alone

I Want My granny to come for Christ­mas Please from Lilli Cox

Dear “Santa” What I want for christ­mas is one of your elfs and I want a good christ­mas for ev­ery one to have a amaz­ing christ­mas and I re­ally want a PS4 and a pair of yeezeys that are black and white and a galaxy hoodie or some­thing close to that than I want world peace. those are the things i want for christ­mas from Alex

Dear Santa,

I do not want much but here are three of my top stuff that I want. The first thing is a lit­tle puppy that is pot­tuy trained, but it is ok if you don’t give it to me be­cause my hates dogs. the 2 thing is a win­ter shirt like sweater, and a lot more cothes. The last and fi­nal thing is a lap­top bit I know that my mom or dad can not aford it so it is ok. That is all I want and it is ok if I don’t get any thing. Natalia

Dear Santa

I want amega Neerf gun and a lot of them and I want two pear of shoes and walkie talkies and I want a stack of boi­let’s Thank you santa.


Dear, Santa

Hi santa my name is Sheyla. and if you are read­ing this can I have some christ­mas present? I know you are go­ing to say that I am go­ing to get some christ­mas present but my mom said that she was not go­ing to get us any christ­mas present be­cause she doesn’t have money. So you So now I am go­ing to tell you what I want for christ­mas. I want toys for my lit­tle sis­ter, I want a card from Star­bucks for my big sis­ter, and I want a phone be­cause my tablet doesn’t work, and I want Glue con­tax­soulo­sion, paint, some con­tain­ers to put the slime in and if you can’t find the con­tax­soulo­sion get tide, tide is a thing that you wash your clouth with it. and I re­aly re­aly re­aly re­aly re­aly want what I said and get more toys for my lit­tle sis­ter, and more cards from Star­bucks for my gib Sis­ter, and I want a lot of glue, and alot of paint, and I want more tide. Thank you —Sheyla

Dear Santa,

First off, you are the ab­so­lute coolest, I mean you work all year mak­ing toys and go­ing from the north pole all the way to kids in In­dia! You work so hard so I just wanted to say thank you. Now what ev­ery kid says in a let­ter to you is what they want for christ­mas so here I go. First, I want 100 dol­lars, and here’s why. I know that there will be a lot of peo­ple with­out a christ­mas be­cause they are home­less so I wanted to be able to buy them a coat or some­thing So they can have a christ­mas. Then I want a LOL doll­house cause I have a lot of LOL dolls, then I want some Ibloom squishes, If you could get me slime in­gre­dents and con­tan­ers that would be great. Then I want some stuff for my puppy. If you see any toys you think I might like please get them for me. And one last thing Gym­nas­tics equemt­ment like a bar or beam and chalk (Gym­nas­tics chalk.) And If you can’t get it all don’t worry there is al­ways a next year.


Ne­vaeh Bear Paw McDaniel

Dear Santa,

Fro Christ­mas I want a hov­er­board. Shoes, gymn­sat­ics eq­ui­t­ment. A new head band, goat chains for my goats that I show in the fair be­cause I never find the right ones. I also want my own sad­dle for my horse. And maybe even a free pass to Skip lines at Sil­ver dol­lar City So I can get on time trav­eler. And a ticket to go to go on a car­ni­val cruis. A ticket for me and my cousin Jack­son and my grammy and my aunt and no­body else. Thank you for ev­ery year get­ting me a present. from, Ava Mitchell

Dear santa for chris­mas I would re­ally re­ally like a on­line phone and A com­puter that is pink. and I would like slime plese noth­ing that has to with bar­bie. From: Alexa (Lexi) Perkins


For chis­mas I want a playstayson 4 2 Disc Games Play­ers 1. WALKY TALKY 2. Phone AND A Minecraft - story mode. 1 more thing A JoB sim­u­later. AND A New singing voice to, SANTA from: Skyler

VAry chris­mas SANTA thANK you SANTA

Dear SANTA for chis­mas I WaNt a hu­ver Bord/ PS4/netodo Swith/JoB simiter/2 phon’s Sam­sog gal; gheS 9/nife gun/wolke­tolke 5/a nurf Stut/a Dra­gen vakle is16 mickirt push Frome Natte to Jor­don/pick­uthy clous and Shous and socks,/Knew Jakis For Alex in my class and tory in my cass and winde and vilere in my class./and pola and LoLs and mea and vilere SkroSttes and Di­paD pod Sut and a Knew Ja­gen nekle’s.

From NathaN to Santa thank you for crismas.

Dear Santa

I want a fitbit for christ­mas also I will set out cookie and milk and lit­tle deb­bies for you. Merry christ­mas hope you have a won­der­ful day giv­ing out christ­mas presents. Talk to you next christ­mas.

Love: MacKen­zie Madi­son Richard­son-Burns

Dear Santa,

I would like a Lego Hog­warts full set, a google pixel 3, and a Harry Pot­ter Spell book and want. —Sin­cerly,

Corinth Bol­ing

P.S. Please an­wser this ques­tion. My brother says you 123 elves, is that true? Re­spond to ques­tion here.

P.S.S. Dou re­ally smell like cook­ies?

Julie McCratic’s Class

Dear Santa

I hope that you get me a pres­nets that i re­ally want and i hope that you and the elf’s are work­ing hard on the presents for all the kid’s to be happy with all there present’s and that feel up there stok­ings and give them a lotl.

From your friend Baylee grant

Dear santa how are you do­ing for chris­mas i wan’t a Zoomer cat it’s a ro­bot and i wan’t some makeup and some shop­kins and thats all i wan’t for chris­mas this year thank you.

Alarys Yzbra

Dear Santa, for Christ­mas is a pony, a tablet and the L.O.L. Doll BIGer sur­prise. I want alot of slime and I want Avery slime pack, it in the Wold. also a puppy. Kaylee Anger

Dear Santa

Thank you for ev­ery­t­ing you do for us tell your elfs that they are hard work­ing and the should have a party for there day off be­cause of how hard they work and maybe you can give them a toy that they think is re­ally cool and they can work to­gether to make one big thing for you and you guys can even whatch a movie to­gether as a fam­ily tell Miss. Claws I said hi to. “you guys are great!”

From Maliyah Ann Leach

Denise Wil­mott’s Class

Dear Santa,

I want a doll and a dog, and I want a kitchen and a kit­ten. I want a new car and a truck. I’d like a doll­house, and I want a bi­cy­cle, and I want a new tram­po­line. And I want a play phone and a new house. And that’s it. Love,


Dear Santa,

I have a few ques­tions like im i on good list or the Bad list any­ways i want a new lap­top his year and maby a steam­car. from,


Dear Santa,

I want a ball and a di­ary and on the fron a christ­mas tree. From,


Dear Santa,

I can Not wait for christ­mas! This christ­mas I would Love to get a new pull out bead whith stor­age and the Amer­i­can girl grand ho­tel set! The rea­son I re­ally would like a low bed with pull out stor­age is be­cause my bed right now is a loft bed and it is get­ting pretty small!!

I would Also LOVE Some ex­tra things like a Fu­ji­film in­stax mini a in­staint camra (teal) love,


Marry christ­mas

Dear Santa,

I won­der how you get up the roofe I wond how you make so much toys

Love, char­main

Dear Santa, for crist­mas I want to spend time with Se­bas­tian, a ro­bod live snak or dino, a pocket watch with egoll, a lether Jacket, a iorn mar­hand, and Gold poke­mon, and spend­ing time with la­then. your friend,


Dear santa,

I am so happy to see you goiv­ing out presents to ev­ery­body for christ­mas be­cause they have been be­ing good and not hurt­ing peo­ples feel­ings. I wish you can cel­e­brate christ­mas with us and have a good time but you are busy bring­ing presents to peo­ple that are good. I wish you a merry christ­mas and a happy new year.



Dear Santa,

I hope you had a great year, hope you have a small bad list and a big good list for Christ­mas I wuld like a Amer­i­can girl doll closet, hover bord and Ame­ican girl doll suit­case ThanK you, Made­lyn

Dear Santa,

I hope you are have­ing a great time where you are but please can you get me a good phone for Christ­mas and pleae Santa eat the cookeis that kids leve for you and please get me lots of pets for Christ­mass. from,


Dear Santa,

I want a pair of roller blades/ skates and a cum­puter and I would like a new phone and a new puppy.

From your Friend, Kaylee

Dear Santa,

The only thing I want for Christ­mas is a Fu­ji­film In­stax mini 7S in­staint camra and the set for the camra.

Thank you!

Love, maken­zie R.

To, Santa

Dear. Santa

I re­aly hope I get what I wan’t for christ­mas but if I don’t thatS OK be­cause I will be happy with what I get and have fun with It and ProBub­ley firgt about it and Merry christ­mas.

Your friend, cam­den

Dear Santa,

I have been a lit­tle brat and knocked over the school JUST KID­DING. I have ac­tu­ally been very well be­haved. So bye. Oh yeah we want to in­ter­view you so IDK about that but, I want a Gorge Brett base­ball card for christ­mas. Is that good yes, no, may­bye (cir­cle )ne). If that is too hard to make just give me an elec­tric pitch­ing ma­chine. PLEASE PLEASE, Can you also get me a nu­clear jet­pack with un­lim­ited fuel so I can visit my friends. Well this would have to have seper­ate en­volopes to send this to you so bye. Your friend,


Dear Santa: ive been want­ing a Psr sinse my sis­ter sold it :(. if you could get it for me i would be the most hap­pyest per­son in Siloam­springs. i Love you santa hope you have a happy year. LOVe, Lathan

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