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West Siloam Springs approves election dates

- By Marc Hayot Staff Writer ■

WEST SILOAM SPRINGS, Okla. — Town trustees approved Resolution TN-202301-01 concerning a notice of general election for West Siloam Springs, during the town meeting Monday.

Trustees approved the resolution with a vote of 5-0. The general election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, according to a copy of the resolution. Wards up for reelection are Wards 1, 3 and 5, the resolution states.

Each position will be for a term of four years expiring in 2027. Ward 4 will also have an election for the unexpired term ending in 2025.

The filing period for electing officers will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday Feb. 6 and close at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 8, the resolution states.

Each candidate must be a qualified elector by virtue of being a resident and registered voter within the municipali­ty or in the ward if an office is from a ward for at least six months prior to declaratio­n of candidacy.

Current trustees are Rhonda Wise (Ward 1), Marty Thompson (Ward 3), Andrew Conklin (Ward 4) and Sam Byers (Ward 5). None of the candidates have announced whether they will seek reelection.

West Siloam Springs town and municipal authority trustees also approved and heard the following items:

• Meeting minutes from the Dec. 19 meetings of the town and municipal authority.

• Hearing reports from town officials Kris Kirk CPA, Police Chief Larry Barnett and Town/Municipal Authority Bryce Harp filling in for Waylon Chandler director of public works.

• Approving town purchase orders for the month of December 2022: General PO#s 0196-0229 in the amount of $57,005; EMS PO#0008 in the amount of $23,117; Police Surplus PO#s 0001-0003 in the amount of $6,037.

• Approving Ordinance 23-01-01 allowing the town to donate cash or goods not to exceed $100 for funerals and memorial services held for town personnel and immediate family personnel.

• Approving an emergency clause making Ordinance 2023-01-01 effective upon publicatio­n.

• Approving municipal authority purchase orders for December of 2022: Water PO#s 0124-0146 in the amount of $100,485; Street PO#s 0056-0066 in the amount of $19,014; Meter PO#s 0011-0014 in the amount of $450.

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