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New programs announced at John Brown

- By Spencer Bailey ■

Two new programs are coming to John Brown University.

Beginning in the fall of 2023, JBU will be offering two new undergradu­ate degrees in game design as well as robotics and mechatroni­cs engineerin­g.

The game design major comes on the heels of the university’s announceme­nt of an Esports athletics program just a few months ago.

“The gaming industry, which includes tabletop, mobile, roleplayin­g and video games, continues to grow, with a projected market volume of $387 billion by 2026,” reported a press release from JBU.

“Esports has become a spectator sport with a growing fanbase, amassing 532 million global viewers of profession­al tournament­s and competitiv­e play,” noted the release.

The major will combine a variety of studies, including literature, creative writing and psychology.

JBU says that its Bachelor of Science in Game Design will prepare students to design games that integrate faith covertly or overtly and portray people and situations in their games.

“A game design major is an additional avenue to fulfill JBU’s mission as we can prepare students to honor God and serve others in the gaming industry,” said Ted Song, chair of the engineerin­g, computer science and cybersecur­ity department.

“Adding the major will allow JBU to attract a new student population interested in exploring the gaming field with a Christian worldview,” noted Song.

The other new program, robotics and mechatroni­cs engineerin­g, will incorporat­e content from electrical engineerin­g, mechanical engineerin­g and computer science.

Song says that this new interdisci­plinary major will offer students real-world experience in collaborat­ive engineerin­g design and production.

“The engineerin­g industry is more interdisci­plinary than ever and the global robotics market continues to grow at a high rate,” Song said. “The robotics and mechatroni­cs engineerin­g major will equip students to thrive in a new era of the industry that encompasse­s both hardware and software.”

Both of the programs fit in well at JBU, with a majority of the classes required for both being pulled from preexistin­g programs and taught by current faculty.

 ?? Courtesy of JBU ?? Students on the John Brown University Esports team play a game, in uniform, during a tournament.
Courtesy of JBU Students on the John Brown University Esports team play a game, in uniform, during a tournament.

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