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Four Chaplains Memorial

- Jerry Cavness Commander, Siloam Post 29

I am pleased to let our community know that American Legion Siloam Post 29 will once again be sharing the true heartfelt story of the Four Chaplains Memorial. The program will be hosted by the Landmark Baptist Church at 1719 S. Mount Olive here in Siloam Springs. The Four Chaplains Memorial Service is dedicated to the memory of four brave military chaplains that lost their lives while serving on the troop ship USS Dorchester during World War II when the ship was torpedoed by a Nazi U Boat off the coast of Greenland on Feb. 3, 1943. Many are not aware of this date in history and what its meaning is that relates to how sacrifices were made in order to demonstrat­e the true meaning of “No greater love than a man would lay down is life for another.”

Come and share the story of these brave men on that fateful day in February. Hear their story and the story of more than 600 men that died that day. Of the 902 American servicemen and civilians bound for Greenland only 230 would survive. Four of the survivors lived because of the four military chaplains that willingly gave their own life vests so these four military men could have a chance to live. This service is open to everyone. I would encourage you to bring your families and learn more about this important date in our military history. I realize there are many things that draw us away on a Sunday afternoon and I get that. The service is only approximat­ely one hour, so please consider attending because I believe you will be blessed and touched by the remembranc­e of these brave chaplains.

God Bless the USA and all that sacrificed for our freedoms!

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