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Company donates materials to school


With the new Siloam Springs School District administra­tion building on its way, local company Jet Stream has come forward with a donation that is set to save thousands of dollars for the district.

Audra Farrell, the vice president of the Siloam Springs School Board, is currently on staff as office administra­tor at Jet Stream, and helped play a critical role in making the donation happen.

“I was in the right place at the right time to plant a seed with the Jet Stream Leadership Team for an opportunit­y to support our school district and community through a donation of the product we produce and a product that our parent company produces,” said Farrell.

“Very simply put, I was merely an instrument who helped connect the right decision makers,” Farrell added.

Farrell has served on the school board since 2016, and says that it’s important to her to serve such a special district.

“This district is special to me because I have a long family history of service to this district and community. My family and their livelihood was supported by this district with two parents who were long term educators and a grandparen­t who also taught in the district.”

Farrell’s father was a school board member for many years before she stepped into the position.

Farrell says that this is a case of worlds colliding.

“This district has also been instrument­al in educating so many of my family members and helped to provide resources for further education to establish additional career opportunit­ies,” said Farrell. “I feel blessed that I am employed by Jet Stream, who values community and is willing to support this district project.”

“The Siloam Springs School District will always hold a special place in my heart,” added Farrell.

Luke Guinn, Director of Marketing at General Shale, Jet Stream’s parent company, says that it was an honor to make the donation.

“General Shale is honored to have contribute­d clay brick and PVC pipes solutions to the Siloam Springs School District and infrastruc­ture,” said Guinn.

The donation included approximat­ely 8,500 lbs of new PVC pipe, as well as 51 total cubes of General Shale brick.

Guinn says that making this donation is important for their company and demonstrat­ing its values.

“Supporting our local communitie­s with highly sustainabl­e, nature-positive building solutions is in direct alignment with our organizati­on’s core values and corporate initiative­s,” said Guinn.

The combined value of the pipe and brick provided is roughly estimated at $30,000 in savings for the district.

“We’re very appreciati­ve of the donation,” noted architect Michael Spaeth, who has worked with the district on various projects, including the new administra­tion building.

“We really appreciate the work that she’s done, and Jet Stream has been very nice to provide this for us,” said Assistant Superinten­dent Shane Patrick.

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