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D: 118-66-100 // R: 14.8M (172) L: 162, 172 STRENGTH: Hard-Snow In­tegrity WEAK­NESS: For­give­ness De­signed by Stöckli’s World Cup Race Team, the Laser WRT in­tox­i­cated like a fine scotch and ap­pealed to testers with for­mal race train­ing. Those with­out race back­grounds, how­ever, de­scribed the ski with plenty of ex­cla­ma­tion points and ex­ple­tives. These rocket ships aren’t for every­one, but if you long for the days of club rac­ing in col­lege, this short-turn-ra­dius GS ski will pro­vide an ad­van­tage at the Beer League races this sea­son. Glea­son: “Quick in turn ini­ti­a­tion with a feel­ing of pur­pose.”

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