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D: 133-98-116 R: 15.9M (163) L: 156, 163, 170 STRENGTHS: Hard-Snow In­tegrity, Sta­bil­ity at Speed WEAK­NESS: Play­ful­ness To achieve to­day’s high strength-to-weight ra­tios, some brands strip weight from the cen­ter, oth­ers from the edges. Völkl’s techy 3D Ridge be­longs to the lat­ter tribe, with mass in the mid­dle and sen­si­tiv­ity on the perime­ter, mak­ing its rocker-cam­ber-rocker pro­file easy to tip, grip, and rip. Testers loved the damp sta­bil­ity and pre­dictabil­ity of the 90EIGHT W, but some felt it lacked play­ful­ness and pop. Built for speed and dis­ap­prov­ing of skid­ders, it’s best driven by the ex­pert set. Knight: “Steady at speed and damp.”

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