For the past decade, Jonny Mose­ley has been the voice of WME’s an­nual ski movies. He’s a bonafide vet­eran, hav­ing ap­peared both in and be­hind the scenes of WME films since 1998. He re­mem­bers his de­but in WME’s Freerid­ers, rip­ping moguls in a white one­sie, vividly.

“Al­ways try ev­ery­thing at least twice.” —WM Try­ing to re­place War­ren as a nar­ra­tor is ridicu­lous. I re­al­ized that from day one. It’s like ap­ples and or­anges, there’s just no way I could ever come close to do­ing what he did. This is the 10th WME film I’ve nar­rated, and I’ve been very for­tu­nate that the au­di­ence has been will­ing to grow with me from my rookie sea­son to now. One of the things I loved about War­ren, and it’s hard to fake, is that War­ren re­ally lived the seg­ments he nar­rated. He went out there and shot most things him­self, so when he talked about them, it was very gen­uine. He was just telling a story about what he did in the moun­tains. That gen­uine con­nec­tion with ski­ing—that’s the spirit that was so strong with War­ren, and that’s what I try to con­vey. I feel that’s the best I can do to keep the War­ren Miller spirit alive. “Bumps on the moun­tain are like heart­beats; you only have so many in your knees, and when they are gone, they are gone.” —WM My first op­por­tu­nity to ski for WME came in 1998. It was a mogul ski­ing seg­ment, of course, in Breck­en­ridge, Colo. We were do­ing some rapid fire mogul ski­ing with ba­si­cally the World Cup team back then. I re­mem­ber the shoot be­cause I wore a white one-piece ski suit while throw­ing a bunch of Co­sacks and Iron-Cross Co­sacks. And it was just gen­er­ally pretty em­bar­rass­ing, if I re­mem­ber cor­rectly. No, I’m kid­ding, it was a lot of fun and I loved it. I still love ski­ing bumps. Es­pe­cially since I don’t have to ski an icy rut-line at 7 a.m. and do two gnarly airs. It’s made bump ski­ing much more en­joy­able. Of course, I miss the com­pe­ti­tion as­pect of it. But as far as just the plea­sure of ski­ing bumps, I love it. You know, I think in some ways I’m a bet­ter bump-skier fi­nesse-wise now. I’m lucky, I think I was born to ski moguls, my body was just set to do it. I still have a bunch more bumps left in me.

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