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Easier is better with the Jitterbug.


The Jitterbug® Flip, from the makers of the original easy-to-use cell phone, has big buttons and an exclusive 5Star® Urgent Response button on the keypad.

EASY TO USE Today, cell phones are hard to hear, difficult to dial and overloaded with features you may never use. That’s not the case with the Jitterbug Flip. A large screen and big buttons make it easy to call family and friends. The powerful speaker ensures every conversati­on will be loud and clear. Plus, straightfo­rward YES and NO buttons make navigating the menu simple.

EASY TO ENJOY Wherever you go, a built-in camera makes it easy and fun for you to capture and share your favorite memories. And a built-in reading magnifier with LED flashlight helps you see in dimly lit areas. With all the features you need, the Jitterbug Flip also comes with a long-lasting battery, so you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

EASY TO BE PREPARED Life has a way of being unpredicta­ble, but you can be prepared in any uncertain or unsafe situation with 5Star Service. Simply press the 5Star button to be connected immediatel­y with a highly-trained Urgent Response Agent who will

nd confirm your location, evaluate your situation and get you the help you need, 24/7. The Jitterbug Flip is one of the most affordable cell phones on the market and comes with dependable nationwide coverage. Friendly customer service representa­tives will help figure out which phone plan is best for you, and with no long-term contracts or cancellati­on fees, you can switch plans anytime. You can even keep your current landline or cell phone number. And for Grandparen­ts Day, get 50% off to help you stay connected, safe and healthy.

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