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Our monthly puzzle

- By Sam Ezersky


1 With 36-Across, where many captive-bred California condors have been released

4 Letter sound at the beginning of “California” 9 Smoke shop purchase 11 Lexus competitor

12 Gobble (down)

14 ___ borchii, scientific name for the bianchetto truffle 15 Root veggie used in healthy chips

17 Got in a chair

18 Noted 20th-century Olympic runner from the Hopi Nation

21 One of 25 photograph­ed by the Bachrach family 23 Extinct animal that was technicall­y a deer, and didn’t exclusivel­y reside in Ireland

24 Completely free (of)

25 Follower of Guru Nanak 27 Keep from happening, as crisis

30 Regional flora and fauna

33 Incan drinking vessels containing the earliest known use of titanium white pigment

34 Communicat­ing in ASL, say

35 “No worries!”

36 See 1-Across


1 Toy gun ammo

2 Charged particle

3 Small pest to swat at 4 Bowler, for instance

5 Prefix with puncture

6 Really gloats about

7 Thought about in one’s sleep 8 Magna ___

10 Shreds, as cheese

13 Just picked from the garden, say

16 Little boo-boos

19 Go off-script

20 Bare, in slangy dialect 21 Shrub of the olive family 22 Passengers

23 Resident of Baghdad or Mosul

26 Tools used for weeding 28 Hopper in Australia, for short

29 “For shame!” sound

31 Letter after sigma

32 It’s between the Atlantic and Indian oceans: Abbr.

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 ??  ?? Answers from Page 22.
Answers from Page 22.

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