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Crossword: Our monthly puzzle


- By Sam Ezersky


1 Tumults

5 Human behavior subj.

8 Exposé journalist such as Jacob Riis

11 Supporting a tax on the 1 percent, maybe

12 Migrate to L.A. via Santa Fe, say

13 Inner trio between Q and U

16 Three-letter eponym in the ice cream aisle

17 Housing manager, for short

18 Swanky parties

21 One of millions stacked in Val Shively’s store

22 No longer interested in

23 Ike Eisenhower’s mil. rank

24 Archaeolog­ical setup in Saqqara, Egypt

25 New sport for the Olympics in 2021

28 Technical feature of note within Stonehenge

31 Upper-rightmost island of the Canary Islands

32 Read the first letters of each clue in order, and you might exclaim this afterward

33 Not named, for short


1 Simon & Garfunkel’s “I ___ Rock”

2 Organic fertilizer

3 Numerical prefix with -genarian

4 Earmuffs, parkas, gloves, goggles, etc.

5 Hearty, as a friendship

6 Usual offering on “Saturday Night Live”

7 Neverthele­ss

9 “Double” features of oboes and bassoons

10 “Roseanne” or “Friends” episode, today

14 Explorer-botanist André Michaux was once thought to be one for the French

15 Directory listing with a number: Abbr.

17 Singer nicknamed Ol’ Blue Eyes

18 Eros or Ares

19 Video file extension . . . or a prefix with “fauna” for J.K. Townsend

20 Extended paper size

21 Nissan car with a Latin name

23 Thin and translucen­t, like tissue paper

25 Yummy coffee variety from Hawaii

26 Follower of “fac” or “frac”

27 It’s the opposite of endo

29 Vacation spot in the tropics, maybe

30 Either of two per state in Congress: Abbr.

 ??  ??

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