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United we stand, di­vided we fall – Where should that new poster go?

The phrase “united we stand, di­vided we fall” is of­ten used in ref­er­ence to more im­por­tant things re­gard­ing Amer­i­can pa­tri­o­tism then my topic to­day, but I thought it was a fit­ting play on words re­gard­ing a re­cent ob­ser­vance at our club­house dur­ing our fall clean-up a few week­ends ago.

Hav­ing be­come a mem­ber just a few years ago, I have ob­served the col­or­ful walls in the club­house and have spent a fair share of time gaz­ing at their posters dur­ing meet­ings (sorry Jerry). And please don’t tell my soon to be hus­band, but I’ve spent maybe a lit­tle more time look­ing at the one with Tony Stew­art on it. But in all the time I have spent look­ing at the walls, it was not un­til clean-up day, that I un­der­stood the de­sign be­hind them.

Af­ter in­side clean-up was com­pleted, it was time to hang the newly do­nated posters (thank you Miles). It was quickly de­ter­mined that, un­for­tu­nately, we had been given a few du­pli­cates, and un­for­tu­nately… that poster was al­ready on the wall. One poster re­mained. A cute lit­tle cut out win­dow with a snow­mo­bile pic­tured out the win­dow.

We searched the walls for an open spot for this new poster, and ah… an open spot down at the end just past the Yamaha bar, per­fect. So the poster was hung with the only im­ple­ment at our im­me­di­ate dis­posal… scotch tape.

Now scotch tape be­ing scotch tape, and a poster that had spent its sum­mer rolled up in the back win­dow of a pickup, you prob­a­bly know al­ready that the poster’s ad­he­sion to the wall was short lived. But that was prob­a­bly a good thing…

As it turns out (here’s that ah ha mo­ment) we had placed an Arc­tic Cat poster in the Yamaha sec­tion of the wall. If you have never vis­ited our club­house, the long walls are di­vided by two brands on each side: Arc­tic Cat and Yamaha on one side, and Ski-doo and Po­laris on the other wall. The walls are painted the brand color with a col­lec­tion of their posters in each sec­tion.

Af­ter the new poster re­lo­cated it­self to the floor, a dis­cus­sion was held on where to place the new poster into the Arc­tic Cat sec­tion, but no im­me­di­ate so­lu­tion was found. The mat­ter was tabled for an­other day when thumb tacks are present.

But, what I learned about the walls is also telling about the Magic City Drift busters club. Even though its mem­bers may choose dif­fer­ent brands of snow­mo­biles (or sec­tion of the wall), when the club mem­bers get to­gether… all peo­ple are there for one rea­son: to en­joy snow­mo­bil­ing to­gether as a group!

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