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Alex Val­ley Mrs. We­ber English 11.2 9 Jan­uary 2012 My Love

I woke up in the morn­ing all drenched in sweat. I thought to­day might be the day. I found my­self think­ing about her ev­ery wak­ing sec­ond and some­times even dream­ing about her beauty. I felt as if I was ut­terly con­sumed by her. Her pale­ness, which I lived for was all around me, yet not here. I would hear about her daily and be­come sick to my stom­ach. My friends even thought about her, and we sought af­ter her for months, all lov­ing her more than the next per­son un­til she van­ished into thin air once more af­ter ful­fill­ing our sat­is­fac­tion for a brief few months. This year she left be­fore stay­ing for even a week. I knew our re­la­tion­ship would never work, but I was very per­sis­tent. I tried my best to do every­thing with her. She knew I loved her and knew that I tried daily to please her. The more con­nected I got; the harder it was to say good­bye. My par­ents de­spised her pres­ence and some­times even threw her out of my drive way. This was hor­ri­fy­ing to watch from my win­dow. It nearly brought tears ev­ery time I saw them throw her abu­sively to the curb. Lov­ing the pure el­e­gance and beauty of her ac­quain­tance, it was hard to over­come the fact that she would al­ways leave for so long and make fake prom­ises to come back. She re­ally only used ev­ery­one around her and caused a lot of pain for peo­ple. When my friends would talk about her I would be­come sick just af­ter hear­ing her name. It was hard not to fan­ta­size about her, but I knew that I couldn’t do that. It is hard to think of any­thing that beau­ti­ful in a bland state like North Dakota af­ter see­ing her so of­ten, I mean she was re­al­is­ti­cally all any­one here could ever think about. It is just get­ting hard to cope with her pres­ence, but I can’t fix love. I know that I will al­ways love her; and some­day soon she will be here to visit me. I can only wish she will visit soon; my sweet, sweet snow.

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